This holiday season, the Kelowna Child Advocacy Center is asking the community: Who's on your list?

Their hope: that you will make room on your list for a vulnerable child who has experienced abuse or neglect. With $100,000 in matching funds thanks to a generous group of supporters, you'll double your impact by donating to CAC now until December 31st.

The child in the video above is an actor, representing one in three children in our community who are abused by the age of 15. CAC encourages you to notice the powerful difference the center makes in the lives of the children it serves through it. eyes. The children she represents are present in every classroom, on every playground, at every sporting practice. They come from every conceivable background. They look like kids you might know, because they probably are.

CAC is a place where children who have suffered abuse and neglect feel safe, nurtured, and believed – a place of hope, help, and healing.

“Downtown gets busier every year,” says CAC Executive Director Ginny Becker. “In our last year of operation alone, we saw a 67 percent increase in the number of children walking through our doors, and 70 percent of them were girls.” Sexual abuse was the most common reason for referral to the center, affecting 61% of children seen last year.

Before CAC, children like the one in this video were faced with a fractured system – a system that they, along with their safe caregivers, had to navigate alone while carrying the weight of their trauma. The police station, the hospital, the court… these places were not built with children in mind. Fortunately, the CAC was.

“While it is heartbreaking to see the need for our services increase the way it has, our incredible frontline workers are here to provide the kind, compassionate care every child deserves,” said CAC Board Chair Andrew Prior. “We are making a meaningful difference in their lives and it’s thanks to the incredible support of our community.”

The center has its own team, who work on behalf of each child they serve to ensure that all their needs are met and that all opportunities for healing are taken advantage of. They are professionals who care for and accompany families in a holistic and trauma-informed way.

The generosity of the community is what built the center, and that same generosity empowers its staff to continue to meet children at their most vulnerable so they can heal, reclaim their childhood, and move forward to a bright, hopeful future. .

Please make room on your list and make a donation to the CAC this holiday season. Every dollar counts, and for those who donate by December 31st, their impact will be doubled.

To learn more about CAC visit CACkelowna. withemail [email protected]or call 236-361-8588. If you believe a child is being abused or neglected, call 1-800-663-9122 (24-hour line) or 911 in an emergency.

This article was written by or on behalf of the sponsoring client and does not necessarily reflect the views of Castanet.



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