Victor Wembanyama I entered the track raptors to applause from the Toronto team's fans and left to applause. In between, there was a display of the potential of the French “newbie” who achieved a triple double and catapult your team to 99-122 Final. Wembanyama ended the night with 27 pointstop scorer of the match, 14 rebounds Yes 10 plugs after 29 minutes of play. And sometimes, It looked like the French center could achieve a quadruple double since in the first half he also scored five assists.

With his performance on Monday night, From the flesh joins a select list of players who have obtained at least 25 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 10 blocks in a match: Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Hakeem Olajuwon, Ralph Sampson and David Robinson.

No other rookie has had a triple double with 10 blocks since in 1990 he did this, and three times, precisely Robinson. Since 1983, only two other newcomers have managed it: Marcos Eaton Yes Ralph Sampson.

Y Wembanyama, at 20 years and 39 daysis the second youngest player in the history of the NBA when adding 10 blocks in a game, after Josh Smith (19 years and 13 days).

The Spurs scout, Devin Vassell, came closer to Wembanyama in points by scoring 25 points thanks to a great third quarter in which he scored 12 points.


Meanwhile, on the Raptors, the leading scorer was Gradey Dick, with 18 points. The main player of the Toronto team, Scottie BarnesHe ended the night frustrated with just seven points and left the court alone 20 seconds before the final whistle.

'Wemby' meteoric start

The Canadian public was eager to see the Frenchman for the first time in Toronto. Victor Wembanyama. And the French, who was received at Toronto's Scotiabank Arena With an ovation as if he were a local player, he did not disappoint. As soon as the game started, he chained a block on Jakob Poeltl, a triple, a rebound, a shot for two, another block and two free throws. In the middle, a triple of your partner Three Jones. And in just over 150 seconds of play, the Spurs were 0-10with the public more dedicated to Wembanyama than disgusted by his team's performance.

When the defense of raptors acclimatized to the Wembanyama storm and adjusted his scheme to deny shots, the French central defender demonstrated his vision of the game and started distributing assistance.

Los raptorsin the midst of a reconstruction process and with many players who had recently joined the team in recent days and weeks, they only managed to close the gap during Wembanyama breaks.

An Overwhelming Dominion of the Giant

In just over six minutes of play, From the flesh He had 9 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal and 3 blocks. Meanwhile, in raptorshis figure and backbone of the new project, Scottie BarnesHe had 0 points, 1 rebound and 3 assists after nine minutes on the court.

In the second quarter, From the flesh I didn't give up. The young Frenchman continued with his presentation before Poeltl and then before the newcomer Kelly Olynyk. Wembanyama started the quarter with an assist for Blake Wesley and continue with a triple, a two-pointer, two more consecutive assists, another two-pointer, a free throw and a dunk. When Wembanyama sat down six minutes into the second quarter, the score was at 37-52.

Stunning first part of the French

The pvot marked others 10 points, 1 rebound and 3 assists in another six minutes. When the two teams headed to the locker rooms, the light indicated a clear 50-67 for visitors and From the flesh was the top scorer with 19 points.

After the break, the Spurs They continued to increase their advantage, which became 31 points, 67-98, 1.42 to go until the end of the third quarter thanks to the performance of Devin Vassell. The Spurs point guard scored 12 points, a third of his team's third-quarter field goal total.


Common 75-103 At the end of the third quarter the game was decided in favor of Spurs and the last 12 minutes were pure formality.

AND relaxed Wembanyama I slowed down and just wrote 4 points, 1 block and three rebounds in the last quarter. Enough to add your name to those of Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Hakeem Olajuwon in a game that Spurs won by 99-122.