‘The Walking Dead’s Skybound Making ‘Heart Attack’ With Fuji TV – Deadline

Walking Dead outfit Skybound Entertainment is turning its graphic novel Heart Attack into a sci-fi series.

Skybound has teamed with Japanese network Fuji TV on the project, with the former distributing globally and the latter producing and broadcasting locally.

From Mortal Kombat 2’s Shawn Kittelsen, Heart Attack explores a post-pandemic world where gene therapy has saved Americans from disease—only to give birth to Variants: people with powers so unique, the government denies their human rights. With cameras rolling soon, the Japanese TV adaption follows the love story between the novel’s protagonists; two teenagers from different backgrounds whose connection unlocks a secret power.

“We are delighted to have Fuji TV as a partner in adapting Heart Attack into a compelling sci-fi TV series,” said Rick Jacobs, Managing Partner of Linear Content at Skybound. “Shawn Kittelsen and Eric Zawadzki have created an emotionally and visually stimulating world that demands to be brought to life.”

Further updates, including casting announcements and a premiere date, will be unveiled in the coming months.

Skybound scales its IP from graphic novel to screen via a model it calls “Wheel of Awesome.” The outfit has been responsible for global franchises including The Walking Dead and Invincible.

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