sorder in California. He Los Angeles Auto Show allowed us to discover the Aitekx Robotruck ITa new model of pick up electric…with characteristics that are, let’s say, familiar to us.

Because it is clear that this all-terrain vehicle is a Tesla Cybertruck clone, the long-awaited model that is just a few days away from officially seeing the light of day (the first deliveries will arrive on November 30th). From them triangular shapes go back to those of the charismatic creation of Elon Musk.

The side view is… identical to the Cybertruck.Aitekx

Tesla Cybertruck shoes

That’s right, he new withdrawal American (no, not a Chinese imitation, but Silicon Valley) provides some distinguishing characteristic, especially the scissor opening doors, which makes Aitekx even more striking (if possible). Of course, they’re optional ($1,900 for the front ones and $2,500 for the four). Also impressive is the roof snorkel (decorative since we are talking about electric).

Aitekx announces a Autonomous (according to the American homologation cycle, slightly different from the European one) of up to 550 miles, i.e. 885 kilometersand excellent acceleration capacity: 3.5 seconds for the 0 to 60 mile sprint (from 0 to 96.5 km/h). This situation also Robot Truck at a performance level similar to Cyber ​​truck (at least those we know as provisional).

The doors are very striking... but little pr

The doors are very attractive… but not very practical.Aitekx

Although it is gigantic (5.7 meters) the maximum speed it could officially reach is 265 km/h. As with most electrical ranges, the Aitekx Robotruck TI will have versions with rear and all-wheel drive, and there are even a single cabin version and another called Sport

From $45,000

Coinciding with its global presentation, the manufacturer has opened reservations for your car. The most affordable version is the single cab and rear-wheel drive, whose the starting price is 45,000 dollars.

The next step is double cabin -with up to seven seats- with single engine ($59,000) and then we move on to the dual engine: the Sports costa $79,900 and the HyperAix sports subscription rises to the 99,900.



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