Less than 24 hours have passed since OpenAI announced that this was possible High-profile CEO Sam Altman was fired because the board no longer had “confidence in his ability” to lead and that Altman “was not consistently honest in his communications.”

The message came as shock for the world of technologyincluding employees of OpenAI and Microsoft, which has invested at least $10 billion in the creator of ChatGPT.

However, as several new details of the overthrow came to light, some began to describe it as a “coup” or even a “hostile takeover.” journalist Kevin Roose he said on a recent episode of Hard Fork, the New York Times’ technology podcast.

Altman was quite “popular” within OpenAI’s ranks and recruited many of his employees. Roose said many of them were surprised to hear of his sudden passing.

Currently former CEO and co-founder of OpenAI, Greg Brockman — who resigned in protest after Altman was fired — said on the X show that Altman was given very little notice of his departure.

Brockman said Thursday evening that in his post

Brockman said that when Altman logged into the Google Meet link on Friday, the entire OpenAI board joined him. Sutskever told Altman that he was being fired and that they would announce the news soon.

A few minutes later, Brockman said he received a text from Sutskever asking to speak to him. Sutskever informed Brockman that Altman had been fired. Brockman said he, too, was told he was being removed from his position on OpenAI’s board but was still “essential” to the company and could remain as president. Brockman said the company’s board was informed of the leadership changes shortly thereafter.

Mira Murati, who has now taken over as interim CEO, was informed of the leadership changes on Thursday evening, Brockman noted in his post.

“Sam and I are shocked and saddened by what the board did today,” Brockman said.

While the board’s actions are enigmatic by any measure, it’s worth noting that OpenAI also operates under a rather unconventional corporate structure.

OpenAI was launched in 2015 as a non-profit organization. Then in 2019 it announced a “limited profit” company, According to to your website. So it currently consists of a board of directors of a not-for-profit organization that operates a for-profit entity, and most of the board members do not own shares in the company. Altman, himself did not take up shares in the company when it was for profit.

OpenAI structure

OpenAI’s nonprofit board runs a for-profit entity.

Screenshot from the OpenAI website.

Altman’s departure was shelved Brain Valleythe nickname for San Francisco’s booming artificial intelligence enclave, into a state of uncertainty.

Annie Wright, a Bay Area psychotherapist, who has been keeping an eye on the pulse of the neighborhood for years, said she, too, was shocked by the news sent to Insider.

“The AI ​​makes Bay feel like it’s the Old West in the gold rush, like shooting the town sheriff,” Wright said.


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