Diego Alonso will lead Sevilla training in the morning. He remains in his position. Nothing changed. The European elimination once again hurt a team that has only received blows this year, but The club's management continues to try to see the glass as half full for the sensations in some matches, with moments of moderately attractive controlled play, almost always competing, but without obtaining positive results. It's the other part of the glass that isn't full. Eleven games against professional rivals and no victories. There are now six defeats, four of them in Champions League games. Did not add a point. Disaster. Even so, the Uruguayan coach will lead Sevilla against Getafe, on Saturday. He has seven lives.

It is also unquestionable that he not only maintains the confidence of the leaders, at least until Christmas, with three League games to go, but also a team where heavyweights go hand in hand with charra. They understand that it is the circumstances of football that are turning their backs on them. And if an arbitration decision (or several) goes against it; and if the plague of wounds; that if there is always a ball on the wood… They think in the locker room that the situation will work out and that a third tenant in the bank would only stir up a complex atmosphere due to Sevilla's sporting situation.

Getafe, Granada and Atlético. The first of them is the last at Sánchez-Pizjun before the Christmas holidays. Another test in front of an audience that has been without European competitions and doesn't know for how long. Because going to the League is impossible, while The World Cup is the only window to achieve it, although now it doesn't seem viable either, taking into account the level that Sevilla currently presents and because it is a competition where the most important thing is played in January, precisely when signings and changes to the squad should arrive to relaunch the season. Everything except the bank. At the time. Diego Alonso didn't think about having such a frenetic pace for Nervin. Not that they last that long. You will not be able to say goodbye (on the day you do so) and say that you had no opportunities.