Eduardo Camavinga received a heavy blowin the form of an injury, in this park. Maybe I’m not the only one. The promising Warren Zare-Emery (Montreuil, 8-3-2006) prepares to unseat the Madrid player(17 years and 303 days) as the youngest player to debut for France since the First World War.

Zare-Emery was called up to France at the age of 17 and his teammates celebrate with him a lot

In the case of playing against Gibraltar, ‘WZE’, which, Considering his age, he should be playing in the under-17 World Cup,converted, At 17 years and 255 days, he is the third youngest player to debut for Les Bleus.. He would be ahead of only Julien Verbrugghe (16 years and 306 days, in 1906) and Maurice Gastiger (17 years and 128 days, in 1914).

“I could be your grandfather and Olivier Giroud your father”, Didier Deschamps joked before justifying his call-up: “I don’t choose players based on age and I won’t treat them any differently. Maybe everything is happening too fast, but Warren has shown enormous potential at his club and that’s why he’s here with us. “He is a very complete midfielder and is a candidate to play at Euro 2024.”

I don’t choose players based on their age, Zare-Emery is a very complete midfielder and is a candidate to play at Euro 2024

Didier Deschamps

Luis Enrique’s ‘right little eye’, which can now be proud to be the debutant (16 years and 151 days) and the youngest goalscorer (16 years and 330 days) in PSG historyadmits that he now has Camavinga’s history between his eyebrows: “It would be another record. If I manage to hit, I would be very happy… but it’s the coach who decides. “I’m proud to be here, but the challenge is not to arrive, but to remain in the national team.”

If I manage to beat the record (from Camavinga), I will be very happy

Warren Zare-Emery

He is so young that this year he could face a ‘triple fatality’: the Euros, the Paris Games and finishing his Bachelor’s degree. “It’s not up to me to choose, but if I had to, I would choose all three. That’s my goal. I try to alternate training and studying. Just yesterday (Wednesday) I did my Spanish homework. “There’s a lot of media noise around me and it helps me keep my balance.”

‘WZE’, which fights for the ‘Golden Boy’, diminishes his merits: “I play carefree football, just as I was taught. I always give my all. That’s my nature.”

At Paris Saint-Germain it is undisputed for Luis Enrique. Only one outfield player, Milan Srkiniar (1,349) has played more minutes than Zare-Emery (1,265). Not only that. He is PSG’s top assister with five assists and also scored two goals.

PSG 3-0 Milan: summary and goals | Champions League, group F (J3)

Your recitalin the Champions League victory against Milan (3-0) -gave two assists after two powerful runs- he put it in the ‘showcase’.“I love him, without a doubt, he is an incredible football player. He looks like he’s 37, not 17. I’m lucky to have him because he’s a diamond in the rough. “He does everything well: he is active, aggressive, recovers balls, provides assists and is precise in front of goal,” Luis Enrique assured.

Love him. He looks 37 not 17. I’m lucky to have him because he’s a diamond in the rough.

Luis Henrique

Now he is preparing to take a new leap in his career. France has a new “rooster” in its “corral”.


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