J.Onny Otto is taken from everyday life Wolverhampton. Last Friday, the club issued a statement explaining that the Spanish defender will not be able to play or train with his teammates until the end of January, as punishment for an “incident” in training.

Now, days later,'Atlético'has made public what he claims are the details of the “incident”. As the publication reveals, Johnny allegedly reacted violently after an incident during a game with young people Thank you Chirewawhom he even elbowed.

The unpleasant episode would also include spitting on a member of the coaching staff and would end, always according to 'Atlético', with several destructions in the club's players' room after being expelled from training, even breaking a television.

As stated at the time Matt Hobbssports director of Wolverhampton, Johnny He has already apologized for his behavior: “We spoke and he accepted that until the end of January he will not be part of the first team. He will continue training with us and if he wants he can play with the under-21 team. Knowing him, he probably will,” Hobbs added.