For what it's worth, a free defender Roland McClain is officially available to sign after spending a total of almost eight years on indefinite suspension from the NFL. According to ESPN's Field Yates, the former No. 8 overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft had his way suspension lifted by the league WednesdaysDay.

The former first-round draft pick showed great promise out of Alabama a year earlier, but his career was ruined by a series of off-the-field incidents. These extracurricular activities, combined with his on-field ineffectiveness, led to the Raiders waiving him after the third year of his rookie contract. The Ravens signed him to a one-year, low-risk, high-reward contract, but McClain announced his retirement before the start of his age-23 season.

He was talked into retirement a year later when the Cowboys decided to acquire the rights from the Ravens in a trade, and McClain apparently had the opportunity to turn his career around again when he became a leader in Dallas. He received a four-match suspension for substance abuse issues in 2015, but overall, McClain had a productive two years on the Cowboys' defense. This suspension would be a teaser though, just like the NFL impose a 10-match suspension for the same issue during the 2016 offseason.

Before McClain's suspension could end, he failed a mid-season drug test, leading to the collapse of the NFL make his suspension indefinite. There were reports that McClain's battle with addiction made a return to the NFL almost impossible. Three years after the initial suspension, McClain was conditionally reinstated by the NFL league, just get fired by Cowboys and reapply the indefinite suspension three months later.

This final suspension is a suspension that ends now, after almost four additional years. The deal is largely nominal as McClain is currently 34 years old and has been out of professional football for over eight years. His return in 2016 was almost impossible; coming back now is even more distant from reality. However, as far as the NFL is concerned, McClain is no longer on the no-fly list.



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