In the vote that took place this Thursday (14), the National Congress overrode the veto (VET 67/2021) from former president Jair Bolsonaro to the railway legal framework (14,273 lei from 2021). In case of refusal, the Union is obliged to invest in logistics or public mobility infrastructure the amounts collected from railway operators. However, this rule will not apply to specific cases provided for by law or to taxes, but applies to non-tax amounts, financial penalties, subsidies and compensation. The restored section is subject to presidential sanctions.

Of the senators, 70 voted to override the veto, and only senators Styvenson Valentim (Podemos-RN) and Eduardo Girão (NOVO-CE) voted to maintain it. In the House, 455 members decided to repeal the resolution, 25 remained and two voted to suspend it. This was the last of 38 vetoes against the bill awaiting analysis by parliamentarians.

The text comes from Act (PL) 3754/2021, adopted by the Senate in October 2021. The project was announced by former senator Jean Paul Prates, current president of Petrobras.

In a presidential message accompanying the veto in December 2021, the government argued that “the tight linking of incomes in legislation will make it difficult to ultimately formulate public policies.”

Agência Senado (reproduction authorized based on the quote from Agência Senado)



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