ANDFC Barcelona visits Antwerp with their homework (almost) done. Only a carambola of astronomical dimensions would prevent Xavi Hernández's men from progressing to the second phase as leaders of Group H: They should lose by a landslide and Shakhtar, in turn, would beat Porto.

Bara, however, will encounter an important anomaly during her visit to Den Bosuil.. The Royal Stadium in Antwerp It has a 'ghost support' It has to be completely deserted… and it's not because of sanctions.

Antwerp 1-4 Porto: summary and goals | Champions League, group H (J3)

The idea of ​​building a Eurostadion with capacity for 30,000 spectators with a sliding roof, in the style of the Bernabu or the Johan Cruijff ArenA, It isis on 'stand by'… for bureaucratic reasons.

Antwerp stands 1 and 4 were completely renovated in 2017, but stand 2, which is very outdated, cannot be used. The idea of ​​the owner, Paul Gheysens, was to do the same with the remaining stand 2 – where the camera shot is –, but problems with the 'floor' prevented him from doing so.

Antwerp 2-3 Shakhtar summary and goals | Champions League (J2)

Apparently the land located under that stand dating back to 1923 belongs to Tania Mintjens a Belgian businesswoman living in the United Kingdom. Antwerp, according to the 'VRT', has the “construction rights” until 2052, but this would imply that, in 30 years, “the stand will become the property of the Mintjens family.”

“I don’t understand how something like this can take so long.”

A problem that seems to have no solution – at least in the short term– and which Antwerp tries to hide with typhus and banners that hide this emptiness. Players, however, regret that due to this conflict, The stadium's capacity was limited to 16,144 people.

Alderweireld's 94th-minute goal gives Antwerp the Belgian league title 66 years later

“I don't understand how something like this can take so long. And that's not the club's fault.”. I would like to appeal to these people: to unite, because there are many people who would like to be there and cannot”, complained Toby Alderweireld last season, shortly before the last game of the championship, in which Antwerp were proclaimed champions. of Belgium for the first time in 66 years… with a great goal from the former Atlético.