ANDBara has bleeding this season from the rear. His work in this facet was spectacular last year. He conceded just 20 goals in the 38 games played and the most normal thing was not conceding a goal, a record that Ter Stegen broke. It has nothing to do with what is being seen today. In the 24 days that were played they received 33 points.

It doesn't matter if the goalkeeper was Ter Stegen or Iaki Pea, the problem is structural with some defensive gaps that start in the advanced zone where there was no pressure as in the previous season. Furthermore, In many games goals were scored, many of them in the first minutes of the game. “These are mistakes that we cannot allow and that harm us. We cannot waste goals,” said Xavi at the end of the game against Granada.

There were five games that were decisive for the collapse of a team that knows perfectly well that By defending like that it is impossible for them to win the League. And the most curious thing about all this is that four took place in the stadium itself. These meetings were before the Real Madrid, Girona, Villarreal and Granada. To these we must add the first against this last team played in Andalusian lands.

Granada-Barcelona (2-2): goal in the first minute.

One of the problems the team has had throughout this season has been the goals they have conceded in the first seconds of the game. This has happened to him three times. And one of them where he lost some points was in Granada. AllBryan Zaragoza took advantage of Gavi's mistake score the first goal of the game when less than a minute had passed. The same player made it 2-0, but Bará reacted and equalized at two.

Barcelona-Real Madrid (1-2): Bellingham spectacle

It was the first big deal. Until that day things were going very well at Can Bara with seven games won and three draws in the ten games played. The game actually went very well with a 1-0 victory after a goal from Gndogan. The first hour for Xavi's team was very good, but it was the best they could do andThe Madridistas turned the score around with two goals from Bellingham, the second poorly defended.

Bellingham celebrates Montju goal

Bellingham celebrates a goal in Montjuc.FRANCISCO ADEANTADO

Barcelona-Girona (2-4): a very hard blow

Nobody expected such a result with Girona, this season's fashion team. Xavi has always maintained that they played very well that day and They didn't deserve this result.. However, conceding four goals against Mchel's team and in their own stadium was not part of the plans. It was a serious warning that the team would have many problems maintaining the league title.

Barcelona-Villarreal (3-5): the explosion

It was a fundamental match. Barcelona did the most difficult thing, which was to overcome the 0-2 with which Villarreal took the lead on the scoreboard. However, he was unable to maintain the result in a clear proof of immaturity as a team. It was a harsh result that caused strong indignation among the public who whistled for the team. Xavi's reaction to the conclusion was to announce that he would leave the Barça bench on June 30th.

Barcelona-Granada (3-3): the setback

Another unexpected slap. It is difficult. Why the team seemed to have improved in the previous two games, mainly on the defensive side. However, Bará returned to the past with an inadequate defense for a team that wants to win the Championship. His negligence in the first goal he scored De Jong and Gndogan They looked at Ricard instead of following him, it was surprising. As Xavi said, you can't give away goals. And these goals given represent a more than likely farewell to the League.