The Committee on Regional Development and Tourism (CDR) approved on Tuesday (12) a project exempting cars, perfumes and alcoholic beverages from paying import taxes and taxes on industrial products (IPI) in the Boa Vista and Bonfim (RR) free trade zones. . This measure could also benefit the free trade zones of Macapá and Santana (AP). From Senator Dr. Hiran (PP-RR), PL 4.622/2023 This was announced by Senator Mecias de Jesus (Republicanos-RR) and is now subject to the final decision of the Committee on Economic Affairs (CAE).

Design changes 8,256 lei, from 1991, which established these free trade zones (ALCBv and ALCMS). With the exception of taxes on passenger cars, alcoholic beverages and perfumes, only weapons, ammunition, tobacco and their derivatives will be exempt upon entry into these areas.

According to the author, trade in beverages, perfumes and cars can actually increase the opportunities to generate employment and income in the state's free trade zones, especially given their distance from the country's economic center and relative proximity to Venezuela and Guyana.

— We have areas with different taxation on both the Venezuelan and Guyana sides. People go to the Bonfim Free Trade Zone and buy a range of products and goods, but when they want to buy perfume, they buy it in Guyana or go to the Manaus Free Trade Zone. The same applies to cars, Dr. Hiran said during the meeting.

Mecias agreed with Dr. Hiran's arguments and added that the project promotes the protection of the Amazon. He presented a positive opinion on the CDR and stated that the measure would also benefit the Macapá and Santana free trade zone, since the rules for creating this area are linked to the law that benefited Boa Vista and Bonfim.

Agência Senado (reproduction authorized based on the quote from Agência Senado)



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