ANDManchester United says goodbye to Europe in mid-December. The club that spread fear across half of Europe is left behind. Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement has become the Red Devils' worst fears. It is the sixth time that the club has been left out of the group stage of the European Champions Cup. Second time in last place in the first phase. Firstly, it only adds four points out of a possible 18. His lowest score in the history of the competition.

The Red Devils have been knocked out of the Champions League group stage three times since the Scottish coach left the Old Trafford bench. With Sir Alex in charge of the club, they lost the same number of times, but in 18 seasons. A glaring difference for which they do not consider the coach responsible. “Ten Hag is the least of the club’s problems at the moment”Phil Neville label.

It's time to focus on the Premier League, we have to see the positive and the negative

Fernando River

Premier League teams who finished bottom of their Champions League group

  • Blackburn Rovers (1996-95)
  • Manchester City (2012-13)
  • Manchester United (2005-06)
  • Manchester United (2023-24)

This station, Ten Hag's team counts 50% of its games as defeats. There are 12 games lost out of 24 played. Last year, it took 62 to string together the same numbers. With a thousand and one doubts due to the sale of the club to Saudi Arabia and with a plague of injuries (25) that plagues the squad, Rio Ferdinand, club legend, would prefer to have been eliminated: “It’s time to focus on the Premier League, we have to see the positive and the negative”.

Ten Hag hides behind injuries to explain the disaster

Paul Scholes, legendary Red Devils midfielder, believes the key is the difference in level between the starting and substitute players: “There is a huge drop in the team when there is no Casemiro or Eriksen. A huge drop in quality.” Although he also blames the new signings: “Hojlund, for example, contributes nothing in attack.”

There is a huge drop in the team when there is no Casemiro or Eriksen. A huge drop in quality

Paulo Scholes

But it is not the only one of its problems. Manchester United have conceded 15 goals this season in just six group stage games. It is the worst record for an English club in the history of the competition. “When they find someone half decent, they lose. Bayern Munich just broke down and won”Chris Sutton, former England striker, once said.

When they find someone halfway decent, they lose. Bayern Munich barely broke a sweat and won

Chris Sutton, English exdelantero

The same opinion Paul Scholes had about the game. All the legends of Red Demons They agree that the difference between the two teams was insurmountable. “Bayern still had three or four more gears. If they wanted more, they could have done it”said the Scottish midfielder.

Bruno Fernandes hugs Guerreiro

Bruno Fernandes hugs GuerreiroDavid ThompsonSHOVEL

Ten Hag hopes to reverse the situation

All the spotlight now points to the Old Trafford bench. The Dutch coach is hanging on by a thread, while the majority of fans are calling for his immediate dismissal after this failure. “The team did very well. We were very good in defensive organization, very good in pressing. But Bayern is also a very good team. They just needed a moment to win and in the end it happened”, analyzed Erik Ten Hag.

Theater of Dreams fans end this season hoping to hear the Champions League anthem in their stadium again, but now it's their turn to focus on the Premier League. “We have to accept this and we have to learn. “We have to do well in the championship and return to this competition.”, said Ten Witch. United are confident of becoming great again.