O The 2023 paddle tennis season ends this Sunday in Barcelona. He Palau Sant Jordi welcomes you since today Chef Barcelona Mestre Finathe one who will be last tournament in the history of the World Padel Tour. A special test in which the best are cited 16 players on a circuit which will end this Sunday a decade of taking professional padel to all corners of the world.

O purchase of Qatar Sports Investments from Damm Group opens a new scenario for 2024 swindler Premier Padel as the only circuit governed under the protection of International Padel FederationThat's why the atmosphere of nostalgia and farewell will take over the Barcelona venue during the four days of competition.

A test that is achieved with the number 1 already defined — Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia in men and Ariana Sánchez and Paula Josemaría in women— but with lots of incentives on the 20×10 black carpet. They will say goodbye competing couples like Navarro and Chingotto, Garrido and Gonzalez, Salazar and Araujo or Riera and Icardo, who will not play together next year. In addition, fans will be able to see two couples of circumstances like those of Sanyo and Yanguas or those of Lucía Sainz and Mapi Sánchez Alayetothe latter putting an end to the successful professional phase of 'Gemelas Atómikas'.

Seven new faces

Up to seven players will debut in the tournament tournament and fight to be masters during these days starting with the quarterfinals starting today. In boys, Coki Nieto, Jon Sanz, Javi Garrido and Mike Yanguas They will compete in this competition for the first time due to the absence of several 'regulars' in recent years such as Belasteguín, Lima and Maxi Sánchez, who, like Sanyo and Galán, have three titles each.

The Final Master debutants.WORLD PADEL TOUR

In the female category, the 'newcomers' will be Tamara Icardo, Claudia Jensen and Jessica Castelló. The first, who will play next year with Alexandra Salazar —champion of the tournament five times in seven finals played—was about to make her debut and an injury prevented her from doing so in 2021.

The spotlight on Lebron/Galán

Leaving the newcomers aside, many of the eyes will go to Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galán. The Spanish, number 1 in 2020, 2021 and 2022 and current champions of this tournament, They leave the padel planet in suspense with doubts about the continuity of the project. Whether they continue or not could move several pieces of the puzzle into next season, but as MARCA has learned, Both finally agreed to meet after the Catalan event.

Lebron and Galán hug after victory in Barcelona in 2022.

Lebron and Galán hug after victory in Barcelona in 2022.WORLD PADEL TOUR

They arrive launched, with an exceptional level and then having won five tournaments since September. The last one, five days ago Milan. Data that can dispel doubts and keep alive a union that can mark the short-term future of this sport.

Tributes to the legends who hang the shovel

The Barcelona Final Master will be a very special tournament and World Padel Tour will also say goodbye to several legends of the shovel that they decided to leave this year. To the the Alayeto twins, Mapi and Majo, They will be honored at the Palau Sant Jordi, as well as Juan Martín Díaz, Juani Mieres and Maxi Grabiel. The first of the former number 1 will be able to say goodbye on the court alongside Lucía Sainz, while the other three will receive the affection of the entire padel planet after a lifetime with the paddle in their hands. In addition to these acts Several other surprises are expected.

Juan Martín Díaz, left, after winning the 2015 Master Final with Maxi Sánchez.

Juan Martín Díaz, left, after winning the 2015 Master Final with Maxi Sánchez.WORLD PADEL TOUR

Time, table and where to see the Final Master of World Padel Tour

Thursday Yes Friday will be celebrated quarterfinals of this Final Master's degree Padel World Tourwhich can be followed in full through Movistar Plus in Spain (Let's go and Movistar Deportes). He Saturday will be the semi-finals it's him Sundaythere finals.

Los bedrooms will start at 12pm in the morning shift and 5pm in the afternoon shiftwhile the semi-finals will start at 10:00 am in the morning and the afternoon shift will do so at 17:00. Las finals will start at 10am on Sunday, women's and then men's.


-Jensen/Virseda vs González/Brea

-Josemaría/Sánchez vs Icardo/Riera

-Tello/Ruiz x Navarro/Chingotto

-Coello/Tapia x Gutiérrez/Yanguas


-Osoro/Castelló x Araujo/Salazar

-Ortega/Triay x Sainz/Alayeto

-Galán/Lebron x Nieto/Sanz

-Stupaczuk/Di Nenno vs González/Garrido