ANDThe Ministry of Health, led by Mónica García, started a new battle against tobacco with a proposal in which Smoking will be prohibited on bar terraces, beaches or in cars while minors are inside the vehicles.. Obviously, these measures have caused great unrest in various areas, from politics to business, which could lead to a decrease in your clientele.

This Wednesday, December 13th, they discussed this subject on 'Espejo Público' from various points of view, although the most curious thing is that They fictitiously filled the scene with smoke through an effect. The place where this Antena 3 morning program is broadcast every morning was sometimes left unseen to make visible what are today the Spanish terraces, with some commentators coughing to give more veracity to the episode.

'Public Mirror'ANTENNA 3

Susana GrisoThe program's presenter, in the first moment it was actually presented, commented the following: “Gema spoke? Because I don't see her. She was saying something, right?”. A comment that came up, as his companion had spoken about some of the topics in the social chronicle that they will address later.

Gema López: “They fry us with taxes on smokers”

In this section of the 'Espejo Público' broadcast, experts in the field and hoteliers were interviewed to learn about the consequences of these measures. However, the biggest defender of smoking on terraces has been journalist Gema López. “I come on behalf of the smokers in this program”began his presentation.

“In this country, tobacco is legal, so I deserve a space where I can smoke”, said the communicator, who has also complained that “they fry us with taxes on smokers”. Susanna Griso called her a “belligerent smoker,” although she also took the opportunity to indicate that “A father who smokes in the car with his children is irresponsible”.

In turn, Emilio, the hotelier interviewed, assured that “75-80% of the clientele that frequents your establishment drinks and smokes”. So in terms of numbers, “30% of the money would go towards this new measure”according to the businessman.