ANDI Real Madrid play on January 6th, at 9:30 pm, at the Arandina. O Royal Spanish Football Federation He took advantage of this morning to inspect the facilities of the team that won the draw. After the draw, the possibility of playing in The plant after the City Council of Burgos would offer the stadium of the team that plays in the Second Division.

But this option never had a real basis. In addition to being rejected by the club and the Aranda City Council, the Competition regulations prevent it. The law of the cup competition is clear in determining that the field that a team sets up in its first match is the one that must be maintained every time it acts as home team, except in cases of force majeure, such as a sanction.

Now it's the authorities' turn Aranda and the club adapts the stadium to the needs of a team like Real Madrid visiting. He JC Higuero It made news last week because of the group in which the tie against Cdiz was supposed to be played, which ended with the team's elimination from the Primera.

The JC Higuero Municipal Stadium (old, The Montecillo) has a capacity for 4,000 seated spectators and was built in 1977 to adapt to what the Spanish Federation required at the time.