The crownThe Kate Middleton actress spoke openly about her nervousness before filming a scene for the second part of the final season.

Speaking with Vanity Fair ahead of the Netflix premiere on December 14, Meg Bellamy discussed what her experience was like taking on the role of Princess of Wales during college. For the rest of the cast, developing each character, like Prince William and Prince Harry, was a little easier with years of film to help from childhood.

However, for Bellamy, playing Kate when she met the Prince of Wales at St Andrews was more difficult. At the time, Kate was just appearing in the public eye, which meant there wasn't much information about her.

Tasked with playing Kate, Bellamy had to imagine what royalty was like before she and Prince William got married.

“There was a lot of understanding how she sounds now and boosting her voice to make her sound younger, and also trying to remove that layer of being royal,” Bellamy said. Vanity Fair. “Looking at her now, she is always straight, very poised and elegant, whereas that was probably very different when there were no cameras on her. Trying to remove that layer was a key part.”

Among one of the most crucial and challenging scenes was Kate's charity fashion show in St Andrews, an irrevocable moment in fashion and history. Not only was the event one of the first times Kate was photographed, but the 2002 show, during her freshman year, was equally important in her relationship with Prince William.

Prince William reportedly paid $275 to sit in the front row and watch Kate strut down the runway in a chiffon dress designed by colleague Charlotte Todd. The piece, which was supposed to be worn as a skirt, left Kate's black panties and bra visible. Kate's “no pants” moment attracted so much attention that Todd's original design ended up selling for $125,000 at auction in 2011.

“I was nervous about [that scene] because it seemed like a big deal, and filming went really smoothly before that,” Bellamy confessed. “That seemed imminent.”

The actress was already anticipating filming the scene, concerned about accurately portraying the meaning. However, when the time came, Bellamy thought the experience was perfect.

“But the reality is that once I got there and understood what the atmosphere was, it was great. You had Kylie Minogue blowing up, the crowd was cheering, and director Erik Richter Strand made everything very comfortable,” she noted.

According to Bellamy, another aspect of filming that calmed her was the use of the dress. Bellamy proclaimed, “It was really special because it was this iconic look that I knew growing up.”

Other outfits that made her feel empowered in the role included classic emblems of early 2000s fashion, like low-slung jeans and skimpy tops.

“It was really helpful, because as much as you might think, 'Well, that was only 20 years ago, fashion couldn't have been that different'… it really was,” Bellamy added. “Low-rise jeans change the way you carry yourself, so it was really helpful in terms of feeling different and getting into character.”

For her role in portraying Kate both as an individual and as a counterpart to Prince William, the screen star felt proud.

“I think what people love about Kate in real life is her self-confidence, her authenticity, the way she connects with people. These were qualities that Peter also gave to the character”, she commented.

The final four episodes of the series will be available to stream on Netflix from December 14th.



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