Dominic West wore earmuffs to look more like King Charles while filming the Netflix royal drama The crownrevealed the actor.

The 54-year-old English actor will reprise his role as the former Prince of Wales in the sixth and final season of the series, which promises to sensitively cover Diana's death, as well as Charles' second marriage to now-Queen Camilla.

Although West wore these “fatties” — or custom-made plastic pieces that “made my ears burn” — during the fifth season, he said the hair and makeup department “dropped” them for the show’s final season after finally decide “they didn’t make much difference”.

He explained: “I used to have little balls that made my ears stick out and we kept looking at them because it was messy and they were quite uncomfortable and they were specially made and didn't actually make much of a difference.

“They didn't make me look more like Charles, unfortunately. So again, we kind of relaxed about it and said let's not worry about it,” the BAFTA winner added.

Commenting on the physical similarities between himself and Charles, 74, who on Tuesday delivered his first King's Speech in Parliament, West said they both have a long torso and short legs, but “that's where our similarity ends ”.

Dominic West and Olivia Williams in 'The Crown'


Giving credit to the costume department, West said, “You need really good tailoring to look good with that kind of physique and he needs it and so do I.”

He also gave The crown gives fans a sense of what to expect from the series' final season, which will be released in two parts, as the Netflix drama chronicles “the worst period of Charles' life” as he tries to come to terms with Diana's death “and tries to help his children they cry.”

West continued: “So that's the first two-thirds of the season, and the last third is much happier for him, as it ends with his marriage to Camilla (played by Olivia Williams), which was without a doubt the best marriage I've ever had. .”

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Describing how their on-screen nuptials were recreated, he added: “We were in York Minster with 500 extras bowing.”

West also commented on his empathy for Charles as a father of two boys, explaining that he is always “trying to fight Charles” during confrontational scenes with the actor who plays Prince William (Rufus Kampa) after Diana's death.

“I'm a father of two boys that age and I think I'm always trying to fight for Charles' corner and I'm always trying to present him in a good light and I can't always do that, but I think in the second half of the season, where William is making it very difficult and he is very angry with him and doesn't talk to him and can't talk to him, to his son, I can understand how that is,” he reflected.

“Fortunately, I don’t have that with my children yet, but it’s another way that Charles is being punished and I think all parents are eventually punished by their children,” West said.

Before the premiere of the sixth season, The crown Creator Peter Morgan has responded to the show's critics, including Dame Judi Dench and former Prime Minister John Major, by suggesting they “probably feel a bit stupid” every time a new episode is released.

The crown season six, part one, will be released on Netflix on November 16th, followed by part two on December 14th.



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