Conservative movement supported Bell

The Canadian Press – | History: 471969

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre rejects the idea that his party played a role in granting $40 million in regulatory relief to Bell Media.

Conservative and NDP MPs supported a 2022 amendment to the Online Streaming Act, opposed by the ruling Liberals, that allowed Canada's private broadcasters to save about $120 million a year in regulatory fees.

Bell's share of those savings was $40 million — the precise total annual operating losses that the broadcaster's parent company, BCE Inc., cited when it cut 4,800 jobs last week.

But Poilievre now blames Justin Trudeau for those cuts, calling on the prime minister to claw back some of his government's federal grants to media companies.

When asked about the disconnect, the Conservative leader said only that providing tax dollars to media outlets fuels biased, liberal-friendly coverage.

The June 2022 motion, introduced by Conservative MP John Nater, was approved with the support of New Democrat and Bloc Quebecois MPs on the House of Commons Heritage committee.