IThe defense is a minefield right now. It's very difficult to get a place there, but very easy to appear in the photo of a defeat. Last year and that record unbeatability. The Catalans have a worrying defensive fragility and this translates into holes, in a Girona that escapes the table and that doubts arise about the adequacy of the xavi to the position.

As always happens in these cases, the situation is not the result of a single problem. Several factors come together that mean the team doesn't defend as well as it should. And this starts at the top, with the first line of pressure.

Now, it also plays a big part in all of this that most defenders play out of their natural position.

Missing Bucket

The decision to xavi sit in Bucket. The young player, who last year felt Jordi Alba, seems to have fallen out of favor with the coach in recent times. It is true that it is common for young people who establish themselves in the first team to go through some setbacks, but this one is having consequences.

Balde has played just 33 minutes in the last three games, which indicates his weight loss. The problem is that it is no longer Jordi Alba spin and it seems like Xavi doesn't trust Marcos Alonso -now injured-. That's why I prefer to put I cancel on the left, which makes him play Kound on the right. And the Frenchman, as already seen, suffers a lot in this position. He appears in most photos of goals conceded.