Kate del Castillo (The queen of the South, Weeds) and Santiago Cabrera (The flight attendant, Star Trek: Picard) will play siblings Ramona and Jorge Sanchez in regular roles on the Fox series. The cleaning ladythird season.

Ramona plays the elegant, beautiful and regal matriarch of the Sanchez family, who possesses the grace and quiet wisdom that hide a ruthless cunning beneath the surface. To the world, she is a benevolent philanthropist, art collector, and loving aunt to a child, but behind closed doors she is cunning, powerful, and fiercely protective of her family, her business, and her many dark secrets.

Your brother is intelligent and intuitive, with a deep inner strength. He was born in Mexico but raised in the US with all the privileges that new wealth brought his family. A Harvard Law graduate, Jorge has worked as a successful businessman, using legitimate commercial fronts to launder money and serving as an intermediary in his family's organization. Struggling with his wife's untimely death, he goes through stages of grief and an insatiable anger at the world, often making him volatile and unpredictable. The only joy left in his life is his daughter, Violeta, whom he strives to protect above all else.

Based on the original hit Argentine series, The cleaning lady follows Thony De La Rosa (√Člodie Yung), a very intelligent Cambodian doctor who comes to the US for medical treatment to save her sick son, but when the system fails and tries to bring her down, Thony refuses to be marginalized, and instead Therefore, take matters into your own hands. Forced to use unconventional measures to protect her family and save those she loves; Thony crosses the moral line even further as she becomes increasingly involved in the underbelly of Las Vegas crime.

The series also stars Adam Canto, Martha Millan, Sebastien & Valentino LaSalle, Sean Lew, Faith Bryant and Eva De Dominic.

Miranda Kwok developed the series. Kwok and Jeannine Renshaw serve as showrunners and executive producers for the third season. Rose Marie Vega and Paola Suarez are also executive producers. Shay Mitchell and David Dean Portelli are executive consultants.