The recovery of Florian Wirtz (Pulheim, 3-5-2003) -last season he was sidelined for 265 days after breaking his cross- is one of the many keys that catapulted Bayer Leverkusen to the best start in its history: leads the Bundesliga with 31 points out of 33 possible.

The German international scored 16 goals in the 17 games he played this season. In total, he has six goals and 10 assists. The goal against Freiburg (2-1) deserves special mention. that already happened to the very same Xabi Alonso. He sent Hfler – twice – and Grifo to a tile before defeating Atubolu with a left foot that hit between five players.

Wirtz, the ‘boy’ who makes Kroos and Xabi Alonso freak out

“You cannot defend Florian Wirtz”

“A goal like that isn’t seen very often. Few players in the Bundesliga can pull off such a special feat. It was brutal! “I will definitely remember this goal for many years to come.”, said Xabi after the game. Until Christian Streichvisiting coach, bowed to the ‘genius of Leverkusen’: “It was world-class action. You cannot defend Florian Wirtz. What can you say? “It’s amazing, only Leroy San and him can do something like this.”

Few players in the Bundesliga can pull off such a special feat. I will definitely remember this goal for years to come.

Xabi Alonso

Bayer’s ’10’, who has just been voted ‘Player of the Month’ for October in Germany, faces short distances like no one else. According to the Bundesliga itself, he is the player who has been under pressure the most times (230). However, he manages to succeed in 57% of cases.and has an 84% pass success rate. “In minimal spaces he can find his teammates”, highlights the organization of the German League.

There is more data to support his status as a ‘top’ football player. He is the Bundesliga player who more passes (32) serve the areahe third highest assistant with five goal assists, the third player with most chances creation (29), the fifth who dribbles the most successfully completed (29) and the the eighth highest number of shots on goal execute (14).

Florian Wirtz, Leverkusen’s ‘genius’

Xabi Alonso, already in the final stretch of last season, predicted his potential: “He’s in much better shape, but It is still in the process of reaching 100%.“We see a better ‘Flo’ in every game.”

We see a better ‘Flo’ in every game

Xabi Alonso

Outside the Bundesliga he also has admirers. The most illustrious, probably, is Toni Kroos: “Which players have the potential to play for Real Madrid? I should have a more global view, but I think of Florian Wirtz. “I think it might work.”

Simon Rolfes, however, refuses to let him go: “Speculations with our coach and our players arise automatically because we are having success. Nobody has any reason to go after Florian (he has a contract until 2027) now.”. Not even in six months. I see him with us even after the Euro Cup. He feels comfortable here. The club and its environment give you confidence and stability. There is no better context for him than this,” the sporting director told ‘Bild’.



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