ANDIt's amazing that boottwist isn't in the Dictionarygo ahead.

In another order of things, relative importance must be granted to numbers. The guy with the cap he hugged in a hotel in Almería, for example, played 466 league games, 134 fewer than the one he was hugging ever played. But 'Txopo' is a legend, regardless of the numbers. And 'Rulo' is an idol, more game, less game. Iribar and Ral García starred in a captivating scene after Muniain gave his partner a t-shirt commemorating the 600 duels of the national championship that ended on Monday.What a day for a football birthday.

Only Zubizarreta and Joaquín, who are not active, are already running ahead of the Navarrese. And he could have surpassed them this very year, but it turns out Valverde is telling him enough. And the second, playing little, worries him much more than the first, the personal record in a team sport. Of course, Ral didn't say one word better than another about his coach's decisions.“the individual is a little removed”, aware that this summer he will turn 38, that there are 11 days left to end his relationship with Athletic… and that there is a decision to make.

'Rulo' reluctantly allowed himself a joke in his speech: “I don't really like this kind of thing either”, with which he responded to his locker room companions. It's curious, in fact, how little he likes to communicate, being one of the players who communicates best. “Although it's a little difficult, achieving all this makes me proud.” I let him go and he looked so amazed. It smells like a dressing room joke, because, In addition to all this, García is a great football player. Who played 101 matches for Osasuna, 216 for Atlético and 283 (until further notice) for Atlético. Living difficult times with the three shirts, earning the eternal respect of the three fans, representing like few others the dignity of those who wear the shorts.

The vagaries of football, for example, gave rise to that cup semi-final in which Ral moves like a fish out of water. Because he is so clear about whatever happens, “we can do something big”, as if that happens it will be at the expense of another team that he holds dear. Before the start of the first leg, and After tensions were generated between the clubs, fueling artificial controversies 'bought' in an incomprehensible way by sectors of both fans, the Metropolitano collapsed to receive Pamplona's club. And if Athletic reaches the final, there will be those from the capital who wish the San Mamés squad good luck, even if only to number 22, who in his day was number 8.

And yes, the guy turns into grass. Because he's one of the best people you've ever met in this field (ask, ask…), but he becomes a torment for rivals, even referees and assistants, who defends a shirt. Nothing that is not known. For a long time we loved or hated each other based exclusively on colors, not on merits. Whatever the case, whether you like it more or less, whether you like it more or less, Ral García is making history.. Damn headbutt, I know that at the last minute he went inches past it, the good people of Almera will forgive us, because it would have been nice if the bootlock had resolved the 600 match.