ANDthe ‘Artists vs. Celebrities’ game, organized by Richy Castellanos in favor of the Rales Foundationwill reach its XXXI edition on December 30th, at the stadium Metropolitano Cvitas of Atlético de Madrid.

This Monday the presentation of the event took place at the headquarters of Eurocajá Rural, in Toledowhich this year will be one of the collaborating entities of this event – which will bring together more than 70 artists– together with MARCA, Joma, Iberia and the Society of Artists and Interpreters or Interpreters of Spain (AIE).

In him, in addition to his own Castiliansthe bullfighter was present José Ortega Cano, singer Israel Fernández, Luis Cobos, bullfighter Gonzalo Caballero, former football player Luis Milla, actor Sergio Olmos, journalist Jesús Álvarez and the president of the Rales Foundation, Carlos Klett.

He was Castilians who started the speech in the presentation to thank the Atlético Madrid and its president, Miguel Ángel Gil Marnfor lending them the stadium to hold this event, in which they indicated that everything raised will go to the Rales Foundation.

Likewise, he highlighted that this year, as a new feature, women will join the party, among whom he highlighted the promoter of this event Emma Surez, Cayetana Guilln Crow, Raquel Perera or Carla Pereyra, wife of Cholo Simeone, among others. “After 30 years of organizing this game I’m happy,” said Castellanos.

In turn, the president of the Eurocaja Rural, Javier López Martínhighlighted that this game is “a great solidarity event” that will be celebrated this Christmas, with the aim of supporting the most vulnerable people and those at risk of social exclusion.

“Eurocaja Rural is a social economy entity, a credit cooperative, and in our soul and in our heart is sensitivity towards those most disadvantaged groups in society”, he indicated, adding that he will contribute with “his grain of sand ” to fight against exclusion.

Thus, after thanking Castellanos for the proposal he made to the entity, Martín appealed to society to participate in this project, which he hoped would achieve maximum yield. It’s not just 90 minutes of sport, but 90 minutes of solidarity, he added.

Mobilization of artists

On your side, Luis Cobos highlighted the 31 years that this meeting has been taking place which highlighted the solidarity it implies, as well as serving as a reunion for a series of artists and celebrities who are mobilizing together for this cause.

For Ortega Canowho will be one of the people who will play in this match on December 30th, acts of solidarity like this game ‘Artists against celebrities’ are “the best” that could be done, which is why I wanted the Cvitas Metropolitano to be filled.

The singer of Corral de Almaguer, Israel Fernndez, He was also “very happy” to be able to contribute his “grain of sand” to this event, which is why he said he was “very happy and satisfied” to be able to be present on December 30th for this cause.

For the bullfighter Gonzalo Caballero It is “an honor and pride” to be able to participate in this celebration for another year to help the sectors of society that need it most. So, he is looking forward to the day, as he will also wear shorts, and encouraged “everyone” to buy a ticket.

He former football player Luis Milla, who was also “very happy” to participate in this meeting, highlighted that its main objective is a good cause to benefit the Rales Foundation. “It’s a game for us to have fun and I appeal to people to come and collaborate.”

Sergio Olmosin turn, after highlighting that he is one of the boys benefiting from the Rales Foundation, He indicated that he will join the appeal of his other teammates to raise funds, highlighting that he will also play.

The journalist Jess lvarez highlighted this act of solidarity and that it is an initiative that has been carried out for 31 years. “We are a football team here on stage, in solidarity and we will fight and give everything for Rales Foundation” he noted.

Likewise, he explained that before the game ‘Artists against celebrities’ was played in Cvitas Metropolitano a triangular between former glories of Atlético de Madrid, Bara and Real Madrid, which was indicated as “very interesting”.

Finally, the president of the Rales Foundation highlighted that acts like this represent “a hug” to obtain support for the project developed by this Foundation, which reaches more than 600 people, and he is “very excited” about the December 30 game because it is “really important.”

At the 12pm on December 30th, the first triangular veterans event will be held and whoever pays for this ticket will now be able to stay and watch the ‘Artists x Celebrities’ game.

This initiative is promoted every month by the popular event organizer Richy Castellanoswhich received several recognitions, such asl Luxury Awards in 2015 to the best Public Relations in Europe. It has to its credit the organization of more than 3,500 events including concerts, theater premieres, film premieres, book presentations or charity events, among others.

Since 1992 Richy Castellanos has organized the now classic Christmas party, obtaining great media coverage. Every year, the revenues obtained are donated to various foundations and NGOs that carry out social work, such as Unicef, AECC, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome Association, etc.


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