On Tuesday, the Senate adopted (2) bill (PL3.144/2021) which defines the Vale do Panema tourist region in São Paulo as an Area of ​​Special Tourist Interest. As reported by Senator Mecias de Jesus (Republicanos-RR), the text is subject to sanctions.

The Vale do Panema tourist region, near the border between São Paulo and Paraná, includes the Jurumirim hydroelectric reservoir and its surroundings, which includes the municipalities of São Paulo: Piraju, Cerqueira César, Arandu, Tejupá, Avaré, Paranapanema, Itaí, Taquarituba, Itatinga and Angatuba .

The author of the project, MP Marcos Pereira (Republicanos-SP), claims that tourism, especially sailing and fishing, is one of the main economic activities in the region. In this way, the Jurumirim Hydroelectric Power Station reservoir and its surroundings would meet the conditions to be recognized as an Area of ​​Special Tourist Interest.

Pursuant to Art. 3 section Lei No. 6513, of 1977Special tourism areas are contiguous areas of a country's territory, including its territorial waters, that should be protected and valued in a cultural and natural sense and intended for the implementation of tourism development plans and projects.

“The Panema Valley region, with its diverse attractions such as Praia dos Holandeses, Praia Branca and Enseada Azul, meets all the requirements to be considered an area of ​​special tourist interest,” Mecias said in his report.

Agência Senado (reproduction authorized based on the quote from Agência Senado)