Even after repaying part of the debts, financial liabilities still amount to R$400 million

In October, Atlético-MG used over 50% of SAF's initial investment to settle its obligations to banking institutions. According to CEO Bruno Muzzi, the club has since repaid R$300 million of bank debts.

Photo: Lance!

– We reached the limit of what we could pay. We paid 300, there is still about 400 (million reais) left to pay, said Bruno Muzzi.

This amount represents more than half of the total investment made by SAF in October, when Galo Holding contributed R$506 million. Even after this contribution, the debt with banking institutions amounts to approximately R$400 million, bringing the total to approximately R$700 million.

Since confirming the sale of SAF shares, Atlético has made the repayment of bank debts a priority. The interest rate on these loans was considered a factor determining the increase in debt in recent years.

According to the club's calculations, the payment of R$300 million in recent months has resulted in savings of R$54 million, which corresponds to the amount of interest that will be paid over the next year.

After settling bank liabilities of R$400 million, Atlético still faces financial liabilities related to Profut totaling approximately R$300 million, as well as labor claims totaling approximately R$200 million.

Given this scenario, Atlético is trying to reorganize its financial situation with the aim of reducing the financial burden and extending payment terms. An ongoing assessment of the club's debt will be carried out in the coming months by the joint administration of SAF and the association.