It's Taylor Swift's birthday, and she got a gift for all her fans – only they aren't very pleased with the gift.

On December 13, the “Fifteen” singer celebrated her 34th birthday with the release of the extended version of her film Eras Tour, with fans in the UK, US and Canada now able to rent videos from Prime Video. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (extended version) for 48 hours.

In the new edition, the Grammy winner can be seen singing three songs: “Wildest Dreams”, “The Archer” and “Long Live”. However, the three bonus tracks come at a high price. Viewers in the US and Canada will be charged $19.89, while UK fans will pay £15.99.

While the gesture was touted as a fun addition to the already popular concert film, some “Swifties” are not happy. Online users expressed disappointment that the price only allows for a two-day rental, rather than being able to stream it for free with a Prime subscription or own it forever.

One fan posted on X, formerly known as Twitter: “This is a mess. What was she thinking?

“Happy birthday Taylor Swift or something but girl I'm not giving you $20 for 48 hours of movie sorry GIVE US THE OPTION TO BUY,” another added.

“I throw money at Taylor Swift stuff so often, but even I can't justify $19.89 to rent the movie Eras Tour haha, if I were to buy it I would have it already,” agreed one user X.

A third person added: “I'm sorry but almost $20 to RENT the movie is too much. I would like to buy it for that price. @taylorswift13 you can't keep raising prices so those are good numbers for you because it's not worth it for some of us.”

In addition to complaints about pricing, other fans were upset that the three additional songs were tagged to the end of the film instead of being placed in the correct concert sequence.

“Imagine not spending extra time editing them when it’s the highest-grossing concert film in history. It doesn’t make sense,” wrote one fan.

Another joked: “Watch for her tweet next week, 'you asked if we heard The Eras Tour: Extended Version Chronological Set List Version available to buy NOW for just $34.'”

“I paid over £400 to go and see Taylor Swift for the night, plus £40 on cinema tickets and merchandise. I love her and her music, but when will the absurd prices stop? £16 to rent a film once is ridiculous, it makes me choose between eating for two days and watching a film,” lamented another Swiftie.

Before the film Eras Tour premiered in theaters, ticket pre-sales reached US$26 million, breaking the single-day sales record in just three hours. In total, the film has grossed more than $250 million globally. According to Forbesthe royal tour totaled a net worth of $1.1 billion for the beloved artist.

The Independent reached out to Swift's rep for comment.



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