ICelebrations were effusive after the victory of Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers. Friends and family of the players rushed to join them on the field after the referee called the game that saw the Kansas team win its third Super Bowl in five years

Taylor Swift couldn't contain her excitement as soon as the match ends. He joined Travis along with the player's mother, Donna, to enjoy the moment.

The country party was just the beginning of a long night in which Travis, Taylor and the rest of the Chiefs players came out to party to the disco Las Vegas Zouk.

Several videos appeared online capturing the celebrations from inside the club, giving fans a glimpse of what went down.

Fast She was seen singing and dancing with several players and other celebrities in attendance. He DJ also played several of the singer's songs during the night, which she and the hundreds of people inside sang. It was a very appropriate way to celebrate this historic victory.