Swamp Thing Writer, Universe Details, Rumors, And More Info

Swamp Thing is one of the best DC characters, and one of the weirdest comic book characters, period. The brainchild of writer Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson, Swamp Thing started out as a mostly “Beauty and the Beast” story with a green monster and some cool horror ideas thrown in. Then came Alan Moore, a notorious weirdo, who completely reinvented the character. Moore’s run was a pivotal milestone for DC Comics, one that delivered a new kind of dark and mature comic and kickstarted a trend that redefined comics for years to come. 

Moore’s run is deeply weird, full of existential questions, gothic horror, cosmic plant-based sex scenes, and sci-fi concepts like The Green, a cosmic force connecting all plant life. It’s wild, it’s trippy, and did I mention the plant-based sex scenes? It’s also in Moore’s run that we first meet John Constantine, so there’s that too.

After Moore, Swamp Thing would continue to be reinvented and reimagined through the years, with everyone from Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Brian K. Vaughan, Charles Soule, and Scott Snyder writing about the character. Swamp Thing’s powers are as varied as the imaginations of his writers, being able to transform his body at will, even to the size of a mountain. He’s also essentially immortal and able to teleport to anywhere there is plant life. This makes him a big part of the DC universe in the comics, occasionally fighting alongside the Justice League, but usually belonging to the Justice League Dark team.

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