Pedro Muazwho was Councilor for Social Assistance at the Municipal Council of Ponferrada (Len), is accused of throwing wife out of window and having repeatedly mistreated her. In 'Public Mirror' they showed the terrible audio of the 112 calls and, after listening to them, Susana Griso She couldn't hide her sadness and was moved to hear the victim asking for help.

Antena 3's morning program connected live with journalist Susana Martín, who was present at the third session of the trial against Muoz. In her statement, the communicator said that a neighbor claimed to have seen the former councilor leave his usual residence very quickly on May 27, 2020.

After that, Miquel Valls provided exclusive audio of Muoz's call to 112 after the events in which he allegedly threw Raquel, his wife, out of the window. “Look, this is a very accident… My wife fell and is not responding to me”, begins the former councilor of Ponferrada.

“This guy, and I say this, what he wanted was to kill her,” said Griso after listening to the initial part of the call. However, journalist Susana Martín said that the councilor gave different versionsclaiming that he went up “to smoke”, “to get the cat” or that he was trying to hide because they were “angry”.

The terrible audios of an attacker's victim.ANTENNA 3

As a result of the fall, Raquel became paraplegic and from the set were surprised to learn that Pedro Muoz had told his wife: “Son of a bitch, you are not dead“. “That's why I say he was allegedly trying to kill her and when he found out she wasn't there, he called 911,” Griso said.

A harrowing phone call two years earlier

After a debate generated, 'Public Mirror' showed Raquel's appeal March 13, 2018, that is, “two years before the Toreno incident occurred.” “She had already tried to ask for help and, in another beating, according to her, she managed to escape from him, called 112 and left her cell phone there”, continued Susana Martín.

In the audios revealed, Pedro Muoz can be heard asking his wife to calm down and Raquel, completely distraught, cries and screams in pain while the man says he wants to be with her. From 112 they try to get someone to help them, but the commotion on the other end of the line is shocking and Raquel asks for help repeatedly. “Sultame!”the victim repeatedly shouts, while the attacker asks her not to leave him because he is dying.

“She was dying! 112 didn't send anyone?“, said Susanna Griso. However, the reporter said live that 112 warned and the National Police contacted the Local Police to decide who would attend. “We don't know how, but of the sign that says 'desperate woman asks for help'the subsequent message from the Ponferrada Local Police says: 'noise between neighbors'he indicated.

“But what horror! I've never encountered anything like it. Let this call reach the Local Police of Ponferrada and change the film and say that it's a noise between neighbors and that no one shows up”, denounced the presenter of 'Espejo Público'. Furthermore, from the program they said that it will be the Chief of the Local Police of Ponferrada who must testify at the trial and explain Why wasn't Raquel attended to at that time?. “What an outrage!”, expressed Griso, who wondered how it was possible that this “guy” was a “Social Assistance Counselor”.