Ithe season of football officially returned to Chile and the first champion of the year has not yet been defined. This was the result of very serious incidents that occurred in the North Gallery of the Chilean National Stadium which caused injuries and arrests, and which is currently embarrassing the entire country. A situation that left football on another level and that overshadowed the game that began to be played, but which was forced to be suspended.

Some embarrassing incidents

Once again violence won. Even before the start of the match, incidents perpetrated by the members of the ultragroup Garra Blanca with the ignition of sparks and fireworks. Although it wasn't the only thing, as The minute of silence in honor of the victims of the fires in the Valparaíso region and the late former president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, was not respected. A start to the game that could foreshadow what would happen later.

At half-time the incidents returned, forcing the regulation time to be extended by 15 minutes. until the situation was controlled after half an hour. The violent acts forced the forces of order to act, generating strong clashes with the most aggressive fans which were located in the North Gallery. A 'guerrilla' that forced the referee to momentarily suspend the Supercup dispute and would end up resuming the controlled situation, which was not resolved.

That something could happen again, everyone present knew. And it happened again. A group of Colo-Colo fans had invaded the athletics track in the northern sector to create more obstacles in the game. Even Arturo Vidal tried to calm the crowd, but it had no effect. In fact, already in the 78th minute, the refereeing group declared the match definitively suspended and left the field of play, leaving the result of the match, which Colo-Colo won 2-0, in the hands of the ANFP.

Violence does not win football, the game had to be finished with 13 minutes remaining

Arturo Vidal

Arturo Vidal, explodes

Faced with what happened, Arturo Vidal, current Colo-Colo player, couldn't contain himself and said: “It's a shame, but I think Violence cannot beat football. It was necessary to end the game, with 13 minutes to go. He's very angry. It's clear that these things ruin football, we have to carefully analyze what happened in the first place. But this cannot continue to dirty football. These things cannot be so serious in our country, in other places there are worse things and they continue to play. This bothered us a lot, it made us very sad because we wanted to be champions, we trained a lot, we were playing a great game and to end it like this is very ugly. I hope the ANFP takes charge. We want to be champions on the field”, said the player.

Some statements to which he added others when the journalist questioned him: “In other places there are other measures that are not learned here. Here they wash their hands and want to stop the games, to continue dirtying football. To be responsible in these things, to analyze what happened carefully. At halftime they told us (what would have happened) but later, When the second half started, the game has to end” he continued saying.

In Argentina – Brazil they killed each other and continued playing; why here in Chile they are so serious

Arturo Vidal

In Argentina – Brazil they killed each other and continued playing; why here in Chile they are so serious. The referee wanted to play, Huachipato wanted to play. This will come out to everyone. “We were all sad because we wanted to play,” he concluded, comparing it to the Argentina-Brazil incidents, on November 22, at Maracaná.