Film-maker Suneel Darshan features Aayush Kumar, He finished It is Natasha Fernández in your last offer'Andaz 2' after having launched acting careers of Lara Dutta It is Priyanka Chopra opposite Akshay Kumar on his 2003 hit 'Andaz'.
Written, produced and directed by Suneel Darshan under the banner of Shree Krishna International, 'Andaaz2' is expected to feature new faces at the helm, although Darshan is yet to reveal the names of the newcomers. The original film, directed by Raj Kanwar and produced by Suneel Darshan, was a love triangle that captivated audiences with its memorable songs and sizzling chemistry between the actors.

The film also features original songs composed by Nadeem of Nadeem Shravan fame and lyrics by Sameer and Nadeem, and choreography by Raju Khan.

Was Priyanka Chopra struggling to master the Bollywood dance style in her debut film 'Andaaz'? Filmmaker Suneel Darshan reveals details

In a previous interview with Bollywood Hungama in May 2022, Suneel Darshan reflected on the success of the 2003 film, stating that several cinemas wanted to close during the 2003 strike. However, he distributed the film himself and personally called theater owners, asking them to keep the cinemas operational. He assured them that they would benefit from 'Andaaz' as he had faith in the product. Fortunately, the film became a sensation on individual screens.
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