Legendary Tales is now available on PSVR2 (Photo: Urban Wolf Games)

A YouTuber accidentally crashed his TV while live streaming Legendary Tales on PSVR2.

No matter how advanced virtual reality becomes, there is no escaping the inevitability of human clumsiness.

From products like the PlayStation EyeToy and On the Nintendo Wii, players face the constant threat of a clumsy (or aggressive) move breaking decorations or loved ones occupying the same space.

This threat looms large in the age of virtual reality, as shown by YouTube streamer Petrifying Pumpkins, who was recently playing Legendary Tales on PlayStation VR2.

During his broadcast on February 8, the streamer took some vigorous swings at enemies with his in-game friends, only to accidentally hit his TV in the process.

“There goes TV,” said the streamer. 'The worst mistake I could have made.'

The extent of the damage is shown when he lifts the headset, revealing a shrapnel mark at the top of the screen. After a moment of silent contemplation, he adds: 'This is devastating, and I knew it would happen and I did it anyway… try not to cry, don't let them see you cry.'

The clip was later shared on virtual reality subredditwith commentators expressing their sympathies and similar stories of woe.

“I’ve been there before,” one user wrote. 'I dropped a grenade on my feet in Pavlov and in the moment of panic I jumped into real life to get away from it…'

The PlayStation VR2 was released in February last year and features a number of improvements over the original headset, including higher resolution displays, eye tracking and 3D audio support.

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