Alan Ritchson said he went through difficulties after a company collapsed (Photo: AP)

Reacher star Alan Ritchson has spoken out about a horrific mental health breakdown and suffering from sexual abuse in the fashion industry.

The Amazon Prime actor, 41, said he attempted suicide after the demise of a company left him “very depressed”.

“I was recovering from the aftermath and the exhaustion, and it got to the point where I was stuck in bed for weeks,” he said.

'My wife and children were worried and I could see confusion in their eyes. Nobody knew what was wrong.

He said his depression continued to deepen, and after several dark months, he attempted to take his own life in 2019.

Ritchson said he was saved by a vision of his three children with his wife Cat, who are now eight, 10 and 11, in their 30s.

Ritchson with his wife Cat, who he met in high school (Photo: Alberto PIZZOLI/AFP)

He said The Hollywood Reporter: “They calmly asked me not to do it and told me they wanted me to be here, alive and part of their lives.”

Shortly after, the Hunger Games actor was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 36 and began treatment.

According to National Health ServiceBipolar disorder is a mental health condition that affects your mood, which can swing from one extreme to another

Now, Ritchson said mental health is an “every conversation” for him and he sees a psychiatrist daily.

Alan Ritchson in Reacher

Ritchson said he attempted suicide, but was saved by a vision of his children (Photo: AP)

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In the wide-ranging interview, Ritchson also opened up about the dark days of her modeling career.

The Smallville actor said: “There are very few redeeming qualities about working in this industry. Let's be honest, it's like legalized sex trafficking.

'The number of times and situations I've been placed in horrible environments where sexual abuse was the goal and the paycheck you were desperate to survive was the carrot, I can't count it on both hands. It happened quite often.

Ritchson said he was sexually assaulted by a “very famous photographer” and left the industry immediately afterward.

Alan Ritchson

Ritchson said he stopped modeling after being sexually assaulted (Photo: Instagram)

“It was the last photo shoot I ever did,” Ritchson said.

'These photos have never been seen or published. That's it. I gave up and thank God acting found me at exactly the same time so I was able to switch to a new career, but it left some scars.

Ritchson made his film debut in the 2006 horror film The Butcher, before seven years later appearing in Hunger Games: Catching Fire as the winner of District 1 and returning tribute Gloss.

He played Aquaman on Smallville, as well as starring in Blue Mountain State, New Girl, 90210, CSI: Miami, Black Mirror, Fast X and Supergirl.

Reacher is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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