In a recent appearance on 'Dolsing Fourmen' on December 12 (KST), the multi-talented artist Yang Dong Geun offered a glimpse into his involvement in the highly anticipated series'Squid Game 2'. The singer and actorknown for his versatility, shared intriguing details about his role and the strict safety measures in place on set.
During the show, fellow singer Lee Sang Min mentioned Yang Dong Geun's appearance in the drama 'Moving' and his casting in the upcoming 'Squid Game 2'. Yang Dong Geun revealed that even before filming began, he received many congratulations, expressing his sincere gratitude for the warm reception surrounding his involvement in the highly anticipated series.
When asked about the release date of 'Squid Game 2', Yang Dong Geun hinted, “I'm currently filming, so maybe it will be released next year,” leaving fans eager for more updates on the sequel.
One of the most intriguing revelations came when Yang Dong Geun shed light on the intense security measures implemented on the set of 'Squid Game 2'. Emphasizing the need for confidentiality, he revealed that strict measures such as confidentiality agreements and cell phone security tape cameras are standard procedures. This high level of security aims to prevent potential leaks or spoilers from reaching the public, highlighting the secrecy surrounding the highly anticipated series.
Adding a touch of humor to the conversation, singer Tak Jae Hoon playfully suggested implementing similar safety measures for his own projects, reflecting the light-hearted atmosphere of the discussion.



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