MADRID: Spanish low cost airline Volotea plans to increase its fleet to 45 commercial aircraft next year, up from 41 now, as it plans to expand its network of short- and medium-haul routes, a spokesperson said on Wednesday.
The company, which mainly links medium-sized cities in Europe and North Africa, currently operates a fleet of A319 and A320 Airbus planes, she said, without specifying which planes Volotea would add or whether it would buy or lease them.
The airline has repeatedly stated that it ultimately plans to list its shares on the stock exchange and that it is paying attention to the solutions that the European Commission may impose on IAG, owner of Iberia, to approve the acquisition of Spanish rival AirEuropa.
“Our interest focuses on short and medium-haul routes, which are the ones we have operated since 2012 in Europe”, as opposed to the routes between Spain and Latin America operated by Air Europa, said the spokesperson.
Alongside the different IAG airlines Air Europa and Volotea, Irish giants Ryanair and easyJet also operate from Spanish airports, as do smaller players such as privately owned IberoJet and Binter.



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