IThe joys are still present in Espaa. The classification for the The Paris 2024 Olympic Games after a peak day are no surprise: first, Japan 'killed' Canada and secured entry. “We celebrated like crazy,” said Queralt Casas, the soul of the defense and the team. Then, an inexplicable turnaround against Hungary. From defeat by 22 to recovery. “The area suffocated them”, they admit in the team’s locker room. But it all comes from the same point, the return of DNA from Spain. The one about 'La Familia' silver at EuroBasket and the same one from a tournament this had it all.

We celebrated Japan's triumph like crazy

Queralt Houses

Celebrating on the track.FEB/NEVADO

“We came with a clear objective: be at the Paris Olympic Games. It's a great championship and we have to thank everyone for their commitment. In a complicated group, showing your face. Spanish basketball is at the top”, confessed Elisa Aguilar, president of the Spanish Basketball Federation. She was one of those who was breathing. Her project has a fundamental 'sports leg' and she would have fulfilled it.

Spain means not lowering your arms

Elisa Aguilar

The base is similar to always: a young part, Maite Cazorla, Mara Conde or Raquel Carrera. A veteran, Alba Torrens as a flag. And another success for the Federation, as happened with Lorenzo Brown, in Megan Gustafson. Wisconsin was in every game with more than 10 points, decisive and knowing how to lead. “Spain means never giving up and it's the best message: we have an impressive team,” said Aguilar. “Classifications are never easy and you have to start well. And we didn’t, but we supported each other and came together: we know how to be a team,” he added.

The FEB project

Hugs from Laia Palau and Alba Torrens.

Hugs from Laia Palau and Alba Torrens.FEB/NEVADO

The team's success is a triumph for Elisa Aguilar's new management. The conquest of the Valencia Pre-Olympics or the consecration of the structure that Jorge Garbajosa left when heading to FIBA ​​Europe were, but the sporting part is vital. Spain must be at the big events. “Sometimes you're there. Sometimes you're not. But we always come back. Strong. New players, others retire. And Sopron was important. But we want more because we are winners. It's very good, but we're already thinking about Paris. “Thinking and dreaming is free and we do it out of ambition,” said the president.

Soaring is free… and we do it big

Elisa Aguilar

The Games are a huge ceiling. It is undeniable that Spain is among the elite. The United States plays in its own league — any team among its top 40 players will win a gold medal — despite suffering in Belgium and a miracle basket by Breanna Stewart. The rest, couples. Asian women have their crazy and impossible style. In Europe, all couples except differential talents like Johannes or Meesseman. Spain is in the fight, especially with what it demonstrated in Sopron.


Celebrating on the track.LAPRESSE

“It's a special event. The Games are the Games. I experienced it as a player and now as president. Without suffering it's impossible not to enjoy them. There are only words of thanks and confirmation of the federation's commitment to women's basketball. The best League in Europe, players who compete despite it being February and continue to grow”, said Aguilar. Spain and its DNA are back on track.