ANDIt is clear that a Under 17 World Cup It’s a unique opportunity for any football player and it’s a train that no one wants to miss. More in Indonesia There is a player who is especially motivated by this World Cup and who is doing everything possible to give Espaa his first world championship in this category. We talk about Fort Hctorwho lived for five months with the thorn left by the past European which was celebrated in Hunger.

This tournament got off to a bad start Hctor since the first day. His mistake allowed Italy could come out ahead in the debut, although he ended up winning the match Espaa. An inopportune error for a defender of his level fell like a stone on the Blaugrana, who also lost the next two games due to physical problems.

After playing a few minutes in the quarter-finals, he returned to the starting line-up in the semi-finals, but like all his teammates he could do little given the superiority he demonstrated. France.

As, Hctor For five months he has been preparing a tournament where the fruits of this work are being reflected. At just 17 years old he established himself on the right side of the Bara Atltico. If you are not with Select is an accessory for Rafa Márquez and the Barça team already thinks of him as the future winger of the first team.

Without a doubt, the Barcelona He is also willing to take advantage of this train and after changing positions upon arriving in the cul team’s youth A categories, he has adapted to perform as well as possible. He left the center of defense to move to the wing, where he showed himself to be a full-back with a great ability to reach the baseline, combine with players occupying the same lane and make measured crosses as could be. seen in the match against Mali when he gave perfect assistance to Juan Hernandezyour partner in The table.

Deep understanding with Yaez

But Hctor It is not only understood with the seven football players remaining in the Barcelonahe is also doing a great performance with the madridista Yes in front. They both know each other perfectly and know what the other demands at all times.

Finally, all this good performance did not come by chance. At 17 years old Strong He has worked to change his physique, lose weight and thus adapt to a position that requires different conditions than the center.

No fear of Japan

With one of the league’s players on the right flank, one of the tournament’s most popular strikers like guide In attack, a defender of the level of Cubaresan engine like Cousin or a party shaker like Juan HernandezThere is no doubt that the team If Lana He earned credit in the round of 16. It will be measured in Japanthird in its group, in search of the quarter-finals which, for football, deserves Espaa.

Furthermore, after having rotated before Uzbekistan With up to seven changes, the Spanish team arrives in good physical shape, something fundamental in these tournaments.



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