Nor there is an evil that lasts a hundred years. At least that's what the saying goes. In the case of Spanish women's water polo, this evil is called the United States, a team that has not lost in a major competition since the quarter-finals of the 2013 World Cup in Barcelonathe same one in which the 'Water Warriors' touched the sky with historic gold.

Along the way, two defeats in Olympic finals in London 2012 and Tokyo 2020 and two others in the fight for world gold in Budapest 2017 and Gwangju 2019, and almost always with bulky markers that indicated American ascendancy over Spanish on a sporting and psychological level.

Seen in this way, the prospects for the semi-finals next Wednesday (2pm)after today's quarter-final victory against Canada 12-9, they don't look very flattering, but there are signs that invite optimism.

First, because The United States no longer seems invincible. Last year, without going any further, The three-time Olympic champions lost in the quarter-finals to Italy at the Fukuoka World Cupevent in which Spain won silver.

And secondly, because The 'Water Warriors' laid hands on the Americans twice in recent times, showing that they can compete in tat with that stars and stripes Leviathan.

The first victory came in a friendly held in Long Beach (California), in December 2022, four months before a second victory, now officialin the 2023 World League.

Spain repeated its visit in December last year, but this time to Miami, with two new friendlies that this time were on the 'Yankee' side, but with tight scores (9-7 and 11-9).

Already at this World Cup in Doha, The Americans beat the Netherlands 10-8 in the group stage and today beat Australia by a single goal (10-9) in the quarter-finals, although it should be noted that with a final quarter favorable to the 'Aussie' team from 2 to 6, a product of the American relaxation.

Spain spent three-quarters of the same against Canada, in a duel that was decided at half-time (7-2) given the difference between one team and another. The North Americans increased their score in the last two quarters but the Spanish victory was never in danger.

The match against Canada

The left hand Judith Forca, author of Five Sips, He led Spanish raiding operations from the beginning. The Sabadell player opened the scoring with a long-range shot and then, although she missed a penalty, took advantage of the rebound from Gaudreault to get 2-0.

Although I give discount Browne, with a shot at the short post, Spain continued to do their job. Overcame the Canadians' alternative defenses and in the first play in superiority Ana Espar made it 3-1 at the end of the first quarter.

The advantage increases Paula Cresp (4-1) at the start of the second quarter. Despite the difference in the score, Spain did not feel completely comfortable in attack. Canada closed down the defense a lot and allowed long-range shots from Spain, but the shooters didn't seem to have sharp aim.

Until Elena Ruiz eliminate doubts. With 4-2, she took advantage of superiority to make it 5-2 and an obs made it 6-2 in the best moments of the team's players. Father Mickey. The score in the second quarter was 4-1, after another goal from Paula Leitn in an extra women's action (7-2).

The Spanish defense was perfect. In fact, the first exclusion of a Miki Oca player occurred two minutes before half-time. The maximum difference reached six goals (8-2), after the goal of Mother Garcia at the beginning of the third trimester.

However, Canadians fought back. They played a lot in urgent defensive actions and Spain was not as fluid in attack. From 9 to 3, after Forca's third goal, it went to 9 to 5. Canada made it 0-2 and won the third quarter (2-3).

A new goal from the Americans tightened the score a little more at the beginning of the last quarter (9-6), but Forca broke up the tangle with two consecutive left blows to 11-6 with 2:49 remaining.

The Canadians launched an attack with eight players and no goalkeeper, a variation of the regulations, and thus scored 11 to 7. In the final change, Ariadna Ruiz made it 12-7, which gave Miki Oca's team peace of mindbut Canada made up for the result with a partial 0-2 to make it 12-9.

Technical sheet

12 – Space: Earth; Anna Espar (1), Nona Pérez (-), Paula Cresp (1), Elena Ruiz (2), Judith Forca (5), Paula Camus (-), Maica García (1), Paula Leitn (1), Ariadna Ruiz (1), Isabel Piralkova (-).

9 – Canada: Gaudreault; Crevier (3), Wright (-), McDowell, Bakoc (1), Lemay-Lavoie (1), McKelvey (-), Browne (1), Paul (-), La Roche (2), Mimides (1), Carrol (-).

referees: Zhang (CHN) and Markopoulo (GRE). Eliminated: Paulo.

Partials: 3-1, 4-1, 2-3, 3-4.

Incidences: Quarter-final match of the women's water polo tournament, held at the Aspire Dome in Doha.