A few days ago, a song called 'My name is Zara' launched which is sung by Sonu Nigam and made by T Series. It is composed by DJ Sheizwood and the lyrics are written by Kamaal R. Khan. When listening to this song, Pakistani singerOmer Nadeem accused Sonu Nigam of plagiarizing his song, called 'Aye Khuda'. Even many fans pointed out similarities between the two songs. Now, days after this accusation, Sonu has finally responded to Omer.
Sonu not only acknowledged the similarities between the two songs but also apologized to Omer. Nigam commented on Omer's post and clarified, “Just so everyone knows, I have nothing to do with this. I was asked to do the song by KRK (Kamaal R Khan), who is my neighbor in Dubai. refuse, even if I don't sing for everyone,” Sonu wrote on Instagram. The singer continued: “If I had heard Omer's version, I would never have sung it.”
He also wrote, “If I had heard Omer's version, I would never have sung it.” The Pakistani singer shared screenshots of Sonu's comment on Instagram. Sonu also praised Omer and said, “You sang this better than me. I apologize for not listening to your song. I heard it now. What an exceptional song and you definitely sang it better than me. Keep it up. More blessings to you. InshAllah, May you receive more honor due to this. Much love and prayers.” In response, Omer said, “This from you means a lot to me! There is no more melodious or versatile singer than you in the world right now. Immense respect!”

Omer was impressed and humbled by Sonu's words.



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