In recent years, the word nepotism has plagued the film industry. With the release of each child star, the debate reignites. The current dispensation revolves around the debut of Agastya NandaSuhana Khan and Khushi Kapoor with The Archies, by Zoya Akhtar. Among many posts, one particular post attracted a lot of attention. One netizen wrote: “The people complaining on social media about nepotism are people whose parents had careers they wanted to be a million miles away from.” This post caught the attention of Alia Bhatt's mother and veteran actress Soni Razdanshe shared her opinion on the nepotism debate.

Khushi Kapoor wears mother Sridevi dress at 'The Archies' screening; Janhvi Kapoor exudes class in black

Reacting to this, she wrote: “Does a child have the right of preference in their parents’ profession? Children of dentists never seem to get any criticism for becoming dentists… I have that feeling too. I was also an outsider trying to break in. The wisest words I ever heard were: the world does not owe you a life. If you can’t handle what that entails, find another profession.”
A social media user responded to Soni Razdan's comment, stating that while subpar nepotistic dentists may not have repeat clients, mediocre nepotistic actors tend to receive numerous opportunities and repeat roles in the industry, to which Soni responded, “It's up to you. No, like… no, look… it's done and dusted. There are no more movies. (Unless Dad is financing your movie over and over again, that's a different story and has nothing to do with getting preferential casting operations) so it's basically the same everywhere. You can get your foot in the door, but that door needs to have a good reason to open it.”

A social media user asked if Soni Razdan genuinely believes in the talent of 'nepo kids' like Ananya Panday, Suhana Khan, Khushi Kapoor and others. To which Soni said the following: “I think they are all talented people! And so are many others. And thank God for OTT platforms now. Many other roles were open to many other actors. In my youth it was just movies. Not even TV, for starters. You can imagine ! Almost impossible to get a role.”



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