In a surprising turn of events, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) underwent a significant change with the removal of the CEO Ravinder Bhakar of your position. This unexpected decision left both CBFC members and the industry perplexed, especially considering Bhakar's recent transfer back to the railway cadre.
Ravinder Bhakar's tenure, which began in 2021, was marked by controversy from the beginning. He initially faced criticism when his position at the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) was unexpectedly taken away. The measure caused astonishment and generated speculation about internal conflicts within the CBFC.

Adding to the tumultuous situation, just a few months ago, allegations of corruption were leveled against the CBFC under Bhakar's leadership. This development further fueled the controversy surrounding the regulatory body responsible for certifying films for public screening.

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After Bhakar's dismissal, the reins of the CBFC were temporarily handed over to Smita Vats Sharma, Additional Director General of the Press Information Office. With his new role as interim CEO, Sharma will be tasked with addressing the challenges facing the CBFC and restoring confidence in the film industry.
The sudden and dramatic changes to the CBFC underline the need for transparency and accountability within regulatory bodies. As the film industry closely follows developments, questions are emerging about the future direction of the CBFC and the steps it will take to address allegations of corruption that have cast a shadow over its recent history.



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