Simeone analyzed his team's victory against Lazio at the Metropolitan.

Group leaders

“We always try to be as high as possible. The team had a very good group stage. For what's to come I don't know what will happen, from the round of 16 onwards all the teams are doing well and there is always a lot of quality. We gave a step forward compared to what we have done in recent years where it has always been difficult for us. It was difficult for us to score and win games in the first group. Now we finish this first half in an important place. It is a joy to see that the team you took an extra step. You reflected that every day and this time we did it well.”

Next rival

“The Champions League is very complex. We are very excited about each game we have to play and see which opponent we will face, which will certainly be good.”


“We have a lot of games in ten days. Four games in a row. We have to try to think that the players are healthy and then they can respond. It's not an excuse, it's reality. Speaking “With the players we know that we have to take care of them because we get a lot out of them. Besides the fact that nobody cares and what matters is that we win.”

Second highest scoring team

“It’s not decisive, it’s good for the numbers but it’s not decisive”

Lino's great game

“We need goals from everyone… From Lino, Riquelme, Sal, Memphis… The competition is very good for the team and we demand more games like today and more goals. the goals of the media like Sal, Riquelme… We need their goals and we hope they can maintain the competition that will make us better.”

Griezmann's record

“It's something historic, he deserves everything that's happening to him. He works a lot”

They competed in Europe

I think we improved the pace of the game, the dynamics of pressure in a dynamic way. In every game we were better than our rivals. Now another stage begins, there's a new draw, it's going to be difficult and we'll have to face it as a knockout round.


It's true that in the first half Lazio closed us down and didn't allow us quick transitions, but in the second half we managed to hurt the teams thanks to Molina. Then the second goal arrived and it was clear that the game was going in a different direction. “We know this competition, when you get to the round of 16 they are all great teams and it is difficult to know which is the best to follow that path”.

Inter as a possible rival and option to train a Lazio player

There are many good Lazio players, if I said one it wouldn't be fair to the others and I'm also not talking about players who aren't in my team. I would like to face the team that allows us to advance to the stage.