Carlos AlcarazWorld number two and first favorite for the Argentine Open, spoke to the media this Monday about his form and other current issues, such as the hiring of his compatriot Rafael Nadal as ambassador for the Saudi Tennis Federation.

Nadal, the image of tennis in Saudi Arabia and the criticism received. “I haven't heard much criticism, I've heard people say they criticized him. Rafa decided to sign as an ambassador and it doesn't seem bad to me. He signed as a tennis ambassador in a country that is developing and opening up to the world.” of sport. Who better than Rafa to promote tennis in places where it may never have been played before.”

The arrival of Saudi Arabia in tennis. “It’s good for tennis that there are more places, that there are more and more countries where we can play. Saudi Arabia is evolving very quickly in every way, as a country and in the world of sport. boxing, now a lot of tennis. I don't know how far they will go in the tennis world.”

The moment of Djokovic and Sinner's form. “Djokovic and Sinner are the rivals to beat for me and for everyone. They are both at the top right now. Any rival can complicate their match. I have Zverev very much in mind because he has a favorable head-to-head against me. ”

Djokovic and Sinner are the rivals to beat for me and everyone

Return to Buenos Aires. “I know it's true that last year I came because I was missing games and hadn't competed for a while. The fact that I came this year is because I loved it. I've wanted to come for some time because Juan Carlos won here and many Spaniards told me that it's a very beautiful game. The energy you feel here is special and I wanted to come back. And for people who stay in Europe, for those who have never played here, I would tell them to come and live the experience of playing in Buenos Aires and the River.”

The Roland Garros title or Olympic gold at the Paris Games. “I will keep the Olympic title because it is a dream to win a medal for my country. Gold is one of the biggest things in sports in general.”

Moment of form. “My current level is very good, I feel very confident, playing at a good level. I come from playing good tennis in Australia and the training days on land have been very good.

Training. “I've improved some things. As I've said many times, off the track it's something very important and has an influence on the track, on a day-to-day basis. I'm improving in the area of ​​nutrition and rest, which is important to avoid injuries. It's something that maybe before, because of my age, I missed it a little and little by little we are improving.”

Goals. “I'm a very competitive, very ambitious boy who always wants to beat everyone. This is what drives me to continue training at the highest level and to go to tournaments with maximum enthusiasm, the desire to win more titles. There, the players who are now winning titles also motivate me, being able to be at the same level as them. Or if I talk about the 'Big Three', then get closer to them. I always say that I am a boy who dreams of “the greatest. My goal is the best in the world and in history.”

I don't feel like I have a thorn in Roland Garros because I haven't won yet.

Roland Garros. “A 'Grand Slam' is a 'Grand Slam', no matter if it's Roland Garros or anything else. Roland Garros is a tournament that I'm excited to win and I hope to improve on last year's semi-finals, but I don't feel that I should win or “I have a thorn in my side because I haven't won yet. In the end it's like any other 'Grand Slam', it's worth it.”