Sriya Saran it's her husband Andrei Koshcheev have been winning hearts with their charming tradition of sharing a kiss at every event they attend together. As Valentine's week unfolds, Shriya has now opened up about this sweet tradition with her husband, which started as a spontaneous gesture during a get-together. emotional moment.
“In any relationship, you go through difficult times and good times. I remember not being well and feeling depressed, Andrey came from Thane for a premiere, he was also tired. So, he was there for me and I was there for him, and he just kissed me because I was so nervous. He was kind enough to make me feel comfortable,” Shriya told Hindustan Times.
What initially began as a private exchange between the couple quickly evolved into an enchanting spectacle, embraced by those around them. Shriya expressed that everyone started finding it funny and laughing. Surprisingly, the photographers very kindly asked them to kiss again.
She further added that it is important to express yourself in public, as long as it does not bother other people. “If a simple kiss can bring a little positivity into someone's life, then cool. And then it became a thing at every event,” she said.

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Shriya mentioned that he does not believe in traditional celebrations of Valentine's week. However, she finds gestures of kindness and affection 'adorable', stating that it is about treating each other well.

For Shriya, public displays of affection, including kissing, are natural expressions of love and happiness, without thinking about whether they are in a public place or not. While other people may not be comfortable doing this in front of the camera, Shriya is very comfortable describing herself as an extrovert. “We just do it because it makes us feel happy, there is no reason behind it,” Saran commented.
Shriya concluded her idea of expressing love to someone with a touching note: “A kiss cures your bad day, your bad mood or even a fight!”