In a shocking development, Shreyas Talpade passed out on Thursday night after suffering a heart attack after finishing Welcome to the Jungle Rehearsal in Mumbai. The actor was rushed Bellevue Hospital in Andheri West, where he underwent angioplasty.
According to the Hindustan Times, Shreyasfilmed all day and he was absolutely fine. He was goofing around on the set and also filmed some action sequences. After finishing filming, he returned home and told his wife that he was feeling uncomfortable. His wife rushed him to the hospital, but he fainted on the way. The hospital is yet to issue an official statement on Shreyas' health condition.

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Shreyas gained wide recognition for his performance in the critically acclaimed film Iqbal (2005), where he played the role of a deaf and mute aspiring cricketer. The film earned him praise and showcased his acting prowess. After this success, Shreyas went on to work in several Bollywood and Marathi films, showing his versatility as an actor.

Some of his notable Bollywood films include Pain (2006), Om Shanti Om (2007) and Kaun Pravin Tambe (2022). He is also known for his comedic roles in the Golmaal film series.
Apart from Hindi cinema, Shreyas has actively worked in Marathi films and has been involved in the production of Marathi films. His contributions to Marathi cinema include films like Sanai Choughade (2008) and Baji (2015).



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