Director Shekhar Kapur faced criticism from his ex-wife is actress Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, who claimed he cheated and disrespected her during their relationship. In a recent interview, the director mentioned that he never disrespects anyone in his relationship with them and that he loves his life full of romance.
Shekhar said that he has been in many relationships and does not have a life without romance. He further told Ranveer Allahbadia in a chat that he has never been in a relationship that did not involve respect. Although the dynamics of the relationship changed, it still endured. Although elements like romance, sex, or a commitment to cohabitation were missing, the connection persisted.
He believes that when someone develops a deep understanding of someone in a relationship, it becomes a challenge to leave. Respect is essential for any relationship to last. He stated that all of his relationships, regardless of their nature, have always been guided by respect, which is why he is still a great friend of theirs.
In an earlier interview with Siddharth Kannan, Suchitra shared that she faced infidelity and disrespect in her marriage with Shekar. She said marriages never end because of infidelity, but because of disrespect.

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Shekhar and Suchitra got married in 1999. They separated after 8 years of marriage. Before that, Shekhar married Medha Gujral, niece of former Indian Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral, and divorced in 1994.