Shakira must pay the Treasury more than seven million euros after the agreement she signed with the Public Ministry, which accused her of having defrauded almost 15 million euros between 2012 and 2014.

Now, your lawyer, Pau Molinsin statements to Rac1 he assured that “If he had fallen in love with Sergio Ramos and not PiquIt would have cost a lot less money.”

Shakira would have saved 120 million if she had lived in Madrid

The Colombian’s lawyer made calculations and stated that when counting the fines and taxes “falling in love cost him 120 million euros“, a value that would be much lower if he lived in Madrid, since some of the crimes he was accused of do not exist in the capital.

“Of six crimes, three could not have been charged, so much so that they fill their mouths with the equality of the Spanish“, lamented the lawyer before explaining that “if you are a resident of Catalonia you can go to prison for an impossible crime, with the same conduct, in Madrid, for example, because there is no inheritance tax“.


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