Chef Vikas Khanna is not only known around the world for his culinary skills and cookbooks, but he is also a filmmaker who specializes in bringing out multiple emotions on screen. The famous chef already has three titles, namely Barefoot Empress, Valley of the Fireflies and The Last Color.
The man is now set to direct his fourth title, based on his 2011 book, Flavors First: An Indian Chef's Culinary Journeyfor which he locked the power of acting Shabana Azmi for the lead role.
The chef, speaking to India Today, said that he pursued the veteran actress for a long time before she agreed to be a part of the film. The chef shared that the film will bring a whole new dimension to his culinary and filmmaking skills
Apart from this, Vikas Khanna joined Guneet Monga as executive producer of the animated short film 'American Sikh'. He also featured Ektaa R Kapoor after she won the Emmy Directorate Award in new Yorka few weeks ago.



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